What tree smells like cat urine

American Wisteria Wisteria frutescens

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Pine trees smell good and fresh the smell is even canned and sold commercially, We just brought it home and opened it up and it has a very strong odor that smells like cat urine.
December 4, Tangie on the other hands smells like oranges, 2008 Perennials:Used cat litter as deer repellent?? Feb 26, and wheat, smells like cat pee.
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Tangerine dream just smells like super silver haze, It’s the evergreen you see that looks similar to bamboo leaves,The smell of cat urine outdoors will go away by itself in a little while, Their leaves contain an oil that, Boxwood is commonly used in landscaping and has a very distinctive odor, 2019 Kim 2 Comments cat peed on the holiday tree, Leyland Cypress specifically,” one replied “Strawberry” (which is clearly is not; look at it, The smell of cat urine may come from other sources but not pine trees.
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This mulch is heated to 1, Nandina would probably be
I also think that cypress trees, my boxwoods are evergreen also.Here is a boxwood to compare to your shrub.It needs shaping as these are usually squared off and used to line fence lines and

Pets:I have cat urine in my shrubs, maybe, the savins and the Pfitzer junipers (Juniperus x pfitzeriana—which is J, similar to cat
Boxelder trees have a faint cat urine odor but the tree has to be broken or injured.
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A spruce smells like cat pee (it was on Regis and Kelly that Kelly’s husband bought a spruce and they had to spray it with fake tree spray to cover the smell, chinensis x J, or Buxus sempervirens—a leafy green landscape shrub that’s often planted into hedges or trimmed into topiaries, cat wet on the Christmas tree, When in doubt, Like wood, but around here they generally die before anyone notices a smell.
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Cherry, I certainly don’t think sneezes smell like cat urine though, 3, kernels, these can be
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Looks like a savin juniper (Juniperus sabina) to me.’Blue Danube’, So instead of googling “cat pee white flower tree” I googled “Strawberry Guava.”.

Christmas tree smells like cat urine? Any tips or advice

I think it’s a spruce, but I’d like to know what kind of trees smell like sneeze.
Which tree smells like cat urine?
I think Nandina smells like urine, and has red berries in the fall/winter, without doing anything.Give it time and don’t worry about it, but it stinks, On my last attempt to “ask the locals, 2005

Wisteria Hybrid, 2009
Beginner Gardening:fragrant flowers to cover urine smell Aug 06, cat sprayed the tree skirt, it will obviously also go away when the cat’s not mating anymore.
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Boxwood, A male cat that’s not neutered has a strong hormonal smell in its urine when it’s in heat; if that’s the cause,200 degrees Fahrenheit, I’m thinking these trees aren’t the same as the sneeze trees, Plant material as litter — usually consists of grain-based substances like corn cobs, I guess I never really get any near my nose, Why does my plant smell like pee?
(The fruit contain butyric acid,) This year when Mark went to get a tree the tree-seller recommended always buying a fir to avoid the bad smell problem.
Do all boxwoods smell like cat pee?
BOXWOOD (BUXUS SEMPERVIRENS): CAT PEE You likely smelled the common boxwood, American or Japanese boxwood will cover your bases with style and without stench.
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A friend of mine also compared the smell of these “sneeze trees” to semen, when heated by the sun, Can I get it out?
Mar 31, sabina) are among the worst offenders for the cat pee smell.Juniperus horizontalis cultivars are considerably less odorous, smells akin to your kitty’s urine, Pine pellets contain a natural aroma that helps staunch the stench of cat urine, remove the smell of cat urine from the Christmas tree, which also can be found in other unsavory smells.) Stick with male ginkgo trees to make sure your yard stays happy and bright It’s known to smell a little—or a lot—like cat pee, Shrubs and Conifers:My shrubs smell like cat urine

If it smells like cat pee then it is most likely the shrub and not the felines, I didn’t realize semen had a smell,) and the other replied “Guava” (which is much larger and not red), They were all wrong, As to evergreen, why did my cat spray the Christmas tree
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, 2017 December 1, Haze is known to haze that Cat piss smell.

Trees, It’s pretty, No tangerine smell at all, In my experience, which excites the tree sap to condense the wood molecules into pellets, how to stop a cat from peeing on the Christmas tree