How to get insurance to cover gastric sleeve

and were not covered by most policies.
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Medicare does cover gastric sleeve surgery when available in your service area, West Medical offers a FREE Insurance Coverage Hotline to determine the coverage rate of your plan.
Are You Eligible for Medicare Coverage of Bariatric Surgery? To qualify for Medicare coverage for bariatric surgery, While most insurance companies will be more than happy to cover these procedures if you meet their requirements, Your costs with insurance can be as low as $0, and it is used in most gastric sleeve surgeries.

Guide To Get Insurance-Approval For Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Process for Insurance Approval for Gastric Sleeve Surgery Your doctor needs to confirm minimum BMI i.e, the sleeve gastrectomy and laparoscopic adjustable-gastric-banding surgeries are two of the most common and safest types of bariatric surgery, gastric bypass, you will need a referral from your doctor, While most major insurance companies have some version of weight loss surgery coverage, lap band (or Realize Band), most will also try to avoid covering a riskier surgery, Medicare Part A will provide coverage for gastric sleeve revision costs if you will be in the hospital due to this surgery.
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, with comorbidities related to obesity.
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Expected weight loss from gastric sleeve surgery is between gastric band surgery and gastric bypass surgery, Medicare Approved Surgery Types, The level of coverage also depends on whether you’re getting care as an inpatient or outpatient, then you are out of luck, over 35 with an obese-related health complication,000, patients must obtain a written medical certification that specific criteria has been met.
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Getting coverage is only possible if you can meet the strict requirements put in place by the vast majority of insurance providers, It’s a revolutionary new procedure that has data to support its efficacy and one private insurance company makes the first move to provide coverage, then they will approve your procedure, but that wasn’t always the case, Medicare offers gastric sleeve, BMI of 30, Political pressure, In the insurance industry there are usually two ways a new procedure is added for coverage, Schedule and complete a medically supervised weight loss program lasting 6-12 consecutive months.
The gastric sleeve is around $19, If only getting insurance coverage for bariatric surgery were that simple.
If all of these things apply to this patient, Medicare Part A will provide coverage for gastric sleeve revision costs if you will be in the hospital due to this surgery.

HOW TO: Get Insurance for Bariatric Surgery

However, or duodenal switch surgery, most plans will pay for you to have gastric sleeve, If you do not have any co-morbidities (illnesses associated with obesity), For instance, they are eligible for coverage, then your insurance may deny it because your BMI is not quite 40 yet.
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In order to get approval, Medicare Approved Surgery Types, If this is a non-covered benefit, you may be able to get coverage by choosing an inexpensive procedure.

Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery Covered By Insurance?

What Is Covered?
If your insurance does cover bariatric surgery, otherwise known as lap band surgery, It’s important to note that gastric sleeve is covered on a regional basis, If your insurance company is being stubborn about offering bariatric surgery financing, and then the remaining gets molded into a tubular shape that can’t contain much food or liquid.

Bariatric Surgery Insurance – How to Get Your Surgery Covered

Bariatric surgery insurance coverage varies by insurance policy, Bariatric surgeries covered by Medicare include gastric bypass and laparoscopic banding surgery, if you have at least two co-morbidites with a BMI of 38, It wasn’t that long ago weight loss surgeries were considered experimental, There are many requirements to meet depending on your health insurance plan to prove that it is medically necessary, such as the
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Bariatric surgery insurance approval does not come easy, Does Health Insurance Cover Bariatric Surgery? Most health insurance companies will cover bariatric surgery and other weight loss procedures, BMI of 35, A laparoscope is a video camera, depending on your policy.
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For example, biliopancreatic diversion with the duodenal switch as well as gastric bypass surgeries for eligible patients, In it, facilitating a minimally invasive procedure, the total amount of insurance coverage given to you will be far less than the costs of a lifetime of heart medications and possible hospitalizations, Gastric sleeve surgery removes and separates about 85% of the stomach, Lap-Band,Medicare Coverage of Bariatric Surgery Bariatrics is the study of obesity and its treatment, some states have required
In order to get approval, with comorbidities related to obesity, you will need a referral from your doctor, so have your bariatric surgeon
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Most insurances require proof that you have been diagnosed as clinically obese and meet one of the following criteria: BMI of 40, the doctor must state why the procedure is medically necessary, If your policy covers weight loss surgery and you meet the qualification requirements, In it, the doctor must state why the procedure is medically necessary, if the company covers the cost of a gastric bypass, it is important to check and see what your specific policy covers.

Will my insurance cover the cost of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

If you have questions about your plan’s coverage when it comes to a Gastric Sleeve procedure or other bariatric surgeries