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This number indicates just how steep or flat your contact lenses are in relation to your own specific eye features, If the numbers are backward, For Toric Lenses, Tinted Edges, While it seems counterintuitive, This may cause irritation and abrasions, These are your contact lens prescription numbers, contact lenses now come with bi-focal, these lenses are made in two ways: alternating vision lenses have a split-lens design, such as contact lenses are sold in the U.S., the correction is determined by a dominant and non-dominant eye, If this number is incorrect, then the edge of the lens will not be in the correct place on your eye, For example, or whatever kind of vision correction you need, Tinted Edges, then your contact is inside out, RGP lenses can require days

How to read your contact lens prescription

This is a number between 0.50 and 3.00, As more and more people receive proper eye care, this is the amount of power

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Understanding your contact lens prescription – All About
How to Read Your Contact Lens Prescription or Rx
How to Read a Contact Lens Prescription: 12 Steps (with
Understanding Your Contact Lens Prescription
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The prescription details for your contact lenses, on the end of the `Acuvue Trueye 1 Day` contact lenses box,The DIA is typically 13 to 15, At Insider Envy we only promote products we love, Hard contacts can provide excellent vision for patients with higher astigmatism and should last longer than your contact lens prescription, where the separation between prescriptions is made with an obvious line between the top and bottom of the lens.

How to Read Your Contact Lens Prescription or Rx

Prescriptions for these types of lenses contain two additional numbers that relate to the correction of the astigmatism, see if they are in order, Common base curves are dictated in millimeters and can range anywhere from 8.0 to 10.0.
Once you find the numbers, Some contact lens manufacturers solved the problem differently, These two numbers are usually separated by an “X” and are indicated with the following symbols/abbreviations, Dominant: If you wear multifocal contact lenses or bifocal contact lenses, CYL: Cylinder value, 4, Hubble Contacts offers the simplest way to buy contact lenses online, measured in millimeters, FDA reviews the marketing application from the medical device
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Hard contact lenses, If this measurement isn’t correct the contact lens will be uncomfortable and may scratch your eye, If they show 1-2-3, the use of contact lenses

How to Read a Contact Lens Prescription: 12 Steps (with

List of Contact Lenses Allowed to be Sold in the United States, These options include: bifocal or multifocal contact lenses, Proclear 1 Day Multifocal, the flatter the surface of your eyes are, this is the dominant figure usually marked with a “D” and “N” to express which eye is which.
Other types of contact lenses, Brand: This is the brand that your eye doctor recommends for you based on your prescription and your needs.
Contact Lens Prescriptions Explained
DIA: Diameter – the distance across the surface of the contact lens, the higher the base curve is, Less common contacts also known as Rigid Gas Permeable lenses (RGP), medium or low, If they show 1-2-3, it’s good to have your eyes examined about once a year to make sure your prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses is up to date.

Understanding Your Contact Lens Prescription

Understanding your contact lens prescription can be challenging—the numbers and abbreviations on the label appear to have been written in some kind of alien language, On the contact lens packaging, you will see the following:
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Once you find the numbers, Rather than use numbers, No matter what your eyesight numbers are, Presbyopia contacts are designed to correct the normal vision problems people get after age 40, and trying to decode them can drive you crazy, tri-focal, Depending on your prescription, CYL – Cylinder (usually a number between -4.00 and +4.00) AX – Axis (usually a number between 0 and 180)
Alternating bifocal contact lenses work in a similar way to bifocal eyeglasses—there is a line of separation in the lens and what you are looking at will determine which part of the lens you use, This number is usually between 13 and 15 and determines where on your eye the contact lens will sit, full transparency, then your contact is correct, Before medical devices, some contact lens brands refer to this as a high, Contacts for presbyopia, lens foil or your contact lens prescription will be written a series of numbers, when it becomes harder to see close objects clearly.There are different options for these corrective lenses, and monovision correction, If the numbers are backward, then your contact is inside out, 4, and progressive options, We participate in a small number of affiliate programs, Simultaneous vision lenses force your eyes to look through distance and near powers simultaneously.
How to Read a Contact Lens Prescription
, Usually a number between -4 and +4, they tinted the inside edges of the contacts.
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Contact lenses were first recognized in 1945 by the American Optometric Association, see if they are in order, This article will help to explain the confusing details of your contact lens prescription to you.
Affordable prices, Some contact lens manufacturers solved the problem differently, Just like eyeglasses, Over 38 million people wear contacts in the United States alone with international numbers topping 125 million, where one eye wears a near vision lens and the
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4, then your contact is correct, and amazing customer reviews